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Post Info TOPIC: How to eat without the risk of "fatty liver mask"

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How to eat without the risk of "fatty liver mask"

fatty liver disease It isslot xoan imminent danger that people often overlook. And we can't know from the symptoms that happen to the body. But did you know that the main reason is from our daily diet?

Liver disease is not always caused by alcohol.
When talking about liver health, we often think of “alcohol”, but actually the most common liver disease is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which accounts for 15-35% of all liver diseases. global population

Found more and more patients with fatty liver disease
Fatty liver is a disease that is on the rise. According to the trend of obesity in the belly that statistics are increasing steadily. in both adolescents, middle-aged and elderly by fatty liver It is a disease that comes in a package with belly and other diseases in the same group, such as diabetes, high blood pressure. high cholesterol All of which are the result of lifestyle. and eating the wrong way

Fatty liver, no warning symptoms
as with other diseases In chronic non-communicable diseases, fatty liver disease often has no warning symptoms. but can be detected by ultrasound and the detection of fibrosis by fibroscans. the treatment part You should aim to lose weight. It was found that if the body weight was reduced by more than 5%, the fat that the liver mask could be reduced. And if weight loss is more than 10%, the fibrosis that occurs in the liver can be reduced.

How to eat. Fat does not fill the liver?
reduce sugar intake Especially fructose from sugar and corn syrup. The amount of added sugar in our daily food and beverage intake should be no more than 6 teaspoons, or 24 grams for women, and no more than 9 teaspoons, or 36 grams for men. The hidden sugar sources that we often receive each day are milk tea, coffee shakes, soft drinks, instant fruit juices. and various sweets
avoid alcoholic beverages This will make the liver carry a heavier burden. Accelerates the inflammatory process and fibrosis leading to cirrhosis.
Eat but in moderation. In theory, it is advisable to cut down on food for energy loss. is to use more than eat to get about 500 kilocalories per day But in practice it is difficult to calculate. May use palm digits to estimate the amount by each meal Not more than one handful of rice focus on brown rice No more than a palm of good protein Focus on good protein from fish, eggs, white tofu, and eat vegetables with about two hands. Focus on a variety of fresh vegetables
Mediterranean diet It is another approach that has been found to be good for the liver. The main focus is on whole grains, fruits and vegetables, good protein from fish and seafood, olive oil, nuts, and avoid processed foods and processed meats. Reduce your intake of red meat and cow's milk products. A study comparing the low-fat diet found that the Mediterranean diet was more beneficial for weight loss. It also has a positive effect on cardiovascular and heart health.
The liver is an important organ with over 500 functions in the body. One of the important functions is to manage nutrients and drugs that enter the body. The liver is therefore an organ that is at risk of injury. If we are not careful in eating or using drugs. more than necessary

But natural mechanisms often have answers to problems. The liver is therefore an organ that has the ability to restore and repair itself. Whether the problem of fatty liver mask from being overweight or hepatitis from drinking alcohol They are all problems that can be solved. If we understand and intend to change ourselves so that the liver does not freeze. But the liver is strong and ready to work for us for a long time.

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