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Post Info TOPIC: Why are we "addicted to games"? Psychology has the answer.

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Why are we "addicted to games"? Psychology has the answer.

Addicted to theslot xogame. Today, I will invite you to talk about this word. Addicted to the game here. I still don't want it to be seen as a bad thing or linked to all the news that has ever come out. believe that many gamers including the author himself We all have our game addiction moments. Maybe play for hours a day and until it's over. That is, we know ourselves very well whether we are addicted or not. If addicted, what are the factors that make it that way?

Why the game wins our hearts, makes us addicted. Of course, many times it also wins our pockets. Of course, there is no clear evidence that the game caused violence or not. But of course, it definitely affects our health.

The most addicted games according to the survey results are MMORPG or Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game or Multiplayer Role-Playing Game.

So why is it stuck? There are many referral reports. But if to summarize briefly is that the game approaches the nature of human needs, whether it is the desire to win, fun, social, feeling of success And what games create, sometimes our brains are indistinguishable from the game world and reality, making us addicted.

For example, it is easy to see Most in-game systems offer achievement rewards to players. Whether it's new items, new skills, new levels, other rewards we see. which is easy to come by compared to real life This point made us feel accomplished. That game filled us with satisfaction.

For the author himself, society is the part that makes us addicted. I have a friend who in real life is quite quiet and doesn't talk to anyone. therefore making few friends But in the game world he has many friends. acceptable

Alright, let's get back together. All of these factors make us feel like winners. which sometimes is better than the real world It's actually more fun than the world.

Of course, sometimes addiction comes from just having fun. fun to play fun being with friends Playing games is no different from activities such as watching movies, watching series that can also make us addicted to it, called Binge watch.

In short, that's why we get addicted to the game because it fills us Whether it's fun, success, social, but of course sometimes it's just an activity that makes us feel fun.

The game does not cause violence.

Well, today we're talking about games. So I went to read research on game violence. Many times in the news of violence, games are often cited as the cause of violence, but as far as research has been concerned, there is no clear indication that games are the cause of violence. I'll be writing in detail again soon.

But the consequences of addicted to the game for sure is the detriment to our body Whether it is eye fatigue, back pain, wrist pain, and for the author himself, I feel that sometimes the game makes us more irritated (hot head), so do not forget to get up and stretch some. In the end, everything has two sides, and so is the game. On the one hand, the game is fun. give experience Giving learning, but on the other hand, it can also affect us as well. Some people play continuously until they lose their health. Some people may be very addicted to top-up money regardless of their own money. Anyway, play wisely, everyone.

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