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Post Info TOPIC: American woman who beat bone cancer prepares to make history in outer space

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American woman who beat bone cancer prepares to make history in outer space

After defeating bone cancer, Hayley Arceneaux, an American woman who defeated bone cancer. SpaceX's first private flight into orbit shouldn't be a problem for her at all.

The St. Jude Children's Research slotxo Hospital announced that the 29-year-old medical assistant will go into space later this year.

Hayley Arceneaux, a former patient at St. Jude Hospital, will become the youngest American in space. She will beat the previous record set by NASA astronaut Sally Ride. with less than two years of age

Arsenau will travel with businessman Jared Isaacman using the spaceship he bought. to raise money for charity And there will be two other unselected people who will join them on their journey.

Arsenaux will be the first human in history to travel to space with a prosthetic leg. At the age of 10, she underwent surgery at St. Jude Hospital to replace her knee and insert a piece of metal into her left leg. Now she's still limping. and occasionally had leg pain

The 29-year-old medical assistant has been approved to travel into space on the SpaceX and she will serve as the medical officer for the spacecraft.

She recently told The Associated Press that her battle with cancer actually prepared her for space travel because it made her stronger. and teach her to prepare for the unexpected.

Arsenoz wanted to show her patients who were young. as well as other cancer survivors saw that there were no limits in the world. And seeing cancer survivors go into space will mean a lot to those kids.

Isaacman as the head of this expedition. Announcing his special space flight on February 1, it will consist of a crew of four, and he has given one of the four seats aboard SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft to St. Jude Hospital, pledged to raise funds for the St. Jude Hospital. St. Jude Hospital gave up to $200 million, of which he would personally contribute half of that donation.

Rick Shadyac, chairman of St. Jude's fundraising organization, said the hospital chose Arsenaux. from many of the staff who had been patients before with the idea that the chosen person must be able to represent the new generation.

Arsenaux said she received this exciting phone call in January. While at home in Memphis, Tennessee, she said she was approached to represent St. Jude Hospital for a space trip.

Arsenoc has a passion for space and has been adventurous all his life. She travels to many different places and also likes to ride roller coasters.

Isaacman said Arsenox was well suited to the expedition. He said the expedition was not the only exhilarating one to be an astronaut. but also inspiring about what we can accomplish on earth.

The launch will take place this fall at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, where the spacecraft will orbit the Earth for two to four days before returning to Earth.



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