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Post Info TOPIC: Why "Instant Noodles" are not suitable for people who are losing weight.

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Why "Instant Noodles" are not suitable for people who are losing weight.

Share knowledge aboutสล็อตออนไลน์health and disease exercise method weight loss tips for good health You can eat delicious food for a long time.

instant noodles It is a food in difficult times for many people. Whether it's a late night meal, a needy meal, or whenever you want to eat. with affordable price and easily fill the stomach in no time anywhere anytime And there are many flavors to choose from.

Some people may secretly see on the packaging that 1 sachet of instant noodles does not provide much energy. Therefore, it may be picked up to be eaten as a diet during weight loss. but in fact Although instant noodles do not provide much energy. But it should not be a diet for weight loss in any way.

Instant noodles are high in sodium. bad for kidney health
Salty taste in instant noodles increased appetite
Instant noodles are a processed food, which research has found. Resulting in increased appetite and fat mass set point (the point in normal conditions the body will try to maintain the amount of fat that is not too much or too little) in the body.

Why ready meals Although it is not suitable for people who are losing weight.

ready-to-eat food Ultra-processed foods or foods that have been processed, prepared, added chemicals such as preservatives, emulsifiers, food coloring, fructose syrup. Flavor enhancers, etc. found in crunchy snacks, soft drinks, frozen ready meals, canned soups, instant noodles, sausages, seasoned cereals, etc. are not suitable for those who are losing weight. because it results in our appetite less self-control and unconsciously eat more

If you want to choose food that is easy to eat. not very high energy Processed foods should be reduced. and emphasizing on real foods, foods made from fresh ingredients such as fresh vegetables, chili paste, boiled eggs, steamed fish, orange curry, grilled fish fried rice, real food that has been cooked freshly. healthiest

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