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Post Info TOPIC: How to Work from Home without causing harm to bones and joints

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How to Work from Home without causing harm to bones and joints

back pain easier Because the home environment is สูตรสล็อต not the same as the workplace. Some people do not have a desk or chair that is suitable for work, such as sitting at a dining table. which the chair cannot be adjusted and the seat may be hard. The backrest is not suitable for sitting for long periods of time. Cause back pain more easily than sitting in a chair at work. Some people are in the room or condominium not much space was sitting on the floor working which is an unhygienic posture The more pain in the back, the more the spinal discs and joints have to be burdened more than usual. As a result, herniated discs deteriorate faster.
Neck and shoulder aches and pains from using a computer for a long time Many people normally work and rarely use computers to do much work, but when working from home, they have to have more frequent teleconferences. Some days there are many rounds. Or some people who originally worked as a desktop computer. When I come to work at home, I have to use a notebook to work instead. Have to bend the neck more for a long time. Can cause muscle stiffness, neck pain, shoulder pain
Wrist pain, tendonitis, locked finger from computer use or mobile phone for a long time
Solving problems from Work from Home
work on time work schedule and clear rest Try to finish the job on time. not working overtime to have more time to do other healthy activities
Optimize the working environment, such as arranging seating in a well-lit area. Find a soft chair with a backrest. Anyone with a bit of capital will provide a good chair to work with.
Adjust the height of the computer stand to suit your body and sitting position. The appropriate screen height The top edge of the screen is close to eye level. The center of the screen should be 10-20 degrees below eye level to reduce excessive stooping or raising your neck. If anyone uses a notebook, may use a docking station. to adjust the tilt of the keyboard and the height of the screen


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