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Post Info TOPIC: Plant-based meat Is it really good for health?

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Plant-based meat Is it really good for health?



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“If you want to be healthy To turn slotxo หน้าเว็บ to eat more vegetables and fruits. and reduce meat consumption especially red meat.”

This health secret may be something that many people have read before. Thus causing a trend to eat clean in various ways, including the trend of Plant-based meat or meat made from plants as well. But in addition to the taste that must be proven by yourself There is still a matter of nutritional value whether it can replace 100% real meat protein or not.


What are plant-based meats made of?

Plant-based meats typically contain nuts, mushrooms, seaweed, oats, almonds, and other high-protein plants. Previously, plant foods attempted to imitate animals for chunky meat. Often there must be a component that binds other plant components. let together Previously, it could be an ingredient like rice or tofu.


But with the new technology of plant-based meat producers The main ingredient that makes the plant tastes more like meat than normal was invented, "heme".


Heme is an important molecule composed of iron. It can be found in the blood of humans and animals. But it is also present in soybeans. This heim gives a steely taste on the tip of the tongue, just as we perceive it from the blood in meat. Heim also makes the meat pink and blood red.


The flavor of this heme is key as plant-based meat producers try to harness the heme present in soybeans in their plant-based diets. To get as much of the blood-like taste in meat as possible. When heme is added to plant food It will cause a unique smell and taste that is meat. Plus, it's rich in plant-based proteins without hormone boosters or bacteria inhibitors. It also does not create a reservoir of pathogens inside the animal's body or that may contaminate the slaughterhouse.



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Actually lots of people like meat in their meal but excessive use of meat harmful for health1

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