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Post Info TOPIC: Doctors say Covid-19 is not contagious through food Meat is safe to eat.

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Doctors say Covid-19 is not contagious through food Meat is safe to eat.


Doctors say COVID-19 is not transmitted through food Able to eat meat normally Just cook it before eating. and buy from reliable sources
In the situation of covid that everyone has to be careful to reduce the risk of contracting this dangerous virus. The new normal, including wearing a hygienic mask, keeping distance, washing hands regularly, using alcohol gel regularly. It has become a familiar thing. Food has changed a lot. People turn to cook their own meals at home. Buy food to stock up for family members. Of course, the attention to food shopping has also increased greatly. And there may be doubts that if going to buy food from the source of infection For example, in the fresh market, is it safe?

Consumers need to understand this before they get too XO WALLET ฝากถอนง่าย ด้วยระบบ Auto worried. Because all agencies, including international organizations and doctors, academics, scientists Thai government agencies They say that "COVID-19 is not contagious through food. and the way in contact with all kinds of food packaging.” It is safe and does not lead to COVID-19.”

COVID-19 is not contagious through food
Guaranteed by a global organization like the WHO FAO that confirms that food is not a source of transmission of COVID-19. In cases where meat is contaminated with COVID from a patient, it is less likely to cause disease transmission Because COVID is a virus that has low environmental tolerance and is easily destroyed. The amount of virus is insufficient to cause disease. Recommends that consumers should eat cooked meat only. because covids can be destroyed by heat

consistent with the statement of According to the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), COVID-19 is not contagious through the gastrointestinal tract and through contact with all packaging. It is not an eating disorder like hepatitis A, noro and rotavirus diarrhea.

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