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Post Info TOPIC: "Exercise-Eat Clean" Do not forget to "check your health" may risk atherosclerosis.

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"Exercise-Eat Clean" Do not forget to "check your health" may risk atherosclerosis.

Share knowledge about health, disease, illness How to exercise Weight loss tips For good health Stay and eat delicious food for a long time.

It's good to see a lot of people turn their attention to SLOTXO TRUE WALLET exercise. And choose healthy foods like clean food Or focus more on vegetables But don't be complacent Because even though you think you can take good care of yourself But if not having a health examination There may be dangers that we cannot see from the outside. Or without any indications

Dr. Damon's Facebook page warns of the potential dangers to runners who look physically fit: In some cases, it may be at risk. “Arterial fat” that may be dangerous later. To the point of sudden death

Exercise - eat clean Don't forget to check your health May risk atherosclerosis

"When I saw the news about the athletic runner Some people are muscular. But after running a marathon, it suddenly happens to cause unconsciousness or death in cases like this many times I want to come out to warn something. To see that we have muscles that look outwardly that they are strong Some people may have fat in the arteries together. If you can't think of it, it's like the lichen clinging on a clear rubber tube. Fat when it adheres to blood vessels It looks like that.

There is nothing in normal life. Fat, it is buried in the artery wall is normal. But when we begin to exercise hard Or running a serious marathon May cause our blood to pump fully. When blood pressure rises The fat that adheres to the blood vessels can come out and mix in our blood as well. As if algae on the hose, it comes off when we turn on the water vigorously

When the fat comes off It will clog up various vital organs Plus, when the fat is released from the arteries, it tends to bleed under the plaque, leading to more blood clots and debris to clog the arteries.

- If the jackpot goes to fill the blood vessels that feed the heart muscle fit It will cause ischemic heart disease, leading to heart attack and eventual cardiac arrest.

- If going to block arteries in the neck If it is dropped then it will float to block a blood vessel in the brain. When the brain ischemic, it is at risk of disability or even death.

Therefore, in order to reduce the risk Should stop by for a health check as well Sometimes we forget that our bodies have certain limits that are invisible from the outside. Let's say our body is an old classic car, never taken to the center. Never checked for any period But you can still drive to work as usual if suddenly one day you gloat. Want to take this classic car to race against the supercar guys, think that you will be able to race until the end of the lap. Without the device failing to fail first, can you? When we use our bodies to exercise vigorously. Like a marathon as well. "

Checking the body before running the race ... important

The Doctor Caravan page also recommends a health check and physical fitness test using CPET method before running races, in addition to checking your own physical condition for strenuous exercise. Like a race Run a marathon or not? Can also see the development trend to transcend the original limit of oneself How much exercise you need to exercise around To be able to get fit, too Because if not running properly May be at risk of making the body more debilitating than before


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