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New economies are worrisome High debt - Covid-19 re-emergence





The spread of the covid-19 virus causing governments of various countries to inject huge budgets to maintain the economy Which was severely affected by the lock-down measures to prevent the spread. And over time after the vaccine can be produced. The situation in Western countries seems to slotxo online be reversed, especially the "USA" because it can speed up vaccination. And the economy recovered strongly


While "emerging economies", especially India, have become a global concern. When the high number of infections and deaths beat the record This situation causes emerging economies that already have high debts to suffer more difficult than developed countries.


Steve ****ren, chief economist for Asia-Pacific Moody's Analytical, said the debt of the rising emerging economies could make the economies of these countries recovering from the epidemic. of the covid-19 virus being pushed back again COVID-19 outbreak causing all kinds of debt to increase around the world The government debt increased the most. This is not surprising because the government has to spend a lot of money to revive the economy. But at the same time, tax revenues of all countries around the world have decreased.


****ren stated that The real effect is that the “gap” between developed and developing countries will increase. This is because developing countries or emerging economies have the largest increase in debt, with more than double the number of years in the past 10 years to account for about one-third of global debt. This makes it difficult for these countries to manage their debt.


As of last year, “global debt” includes government debt, corporate debt, household debt. And financial sector debt The highest increase to a record 24 trillion US dollars. And set a new record compared to GDP at 366% of GDP.


According to Moody's Analytics, emerging economies such as Turkey, Vietnam and Brazil have seen rising debt in both private and state debt. While the COVID situation in emerging economies is generally worse. Because the rate of vaccination for people is still low and slow compared to developed countries. Many countries such as India, Argentina, Malaysia are battling a resurgence with the number of infected people rising. while developed countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia The number of infected people has decreased.

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