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Live the Game of Life in Alice In Borderland by the adminNews page.






This minute, I can't talk about a highly anticipated series like Alice In Borderland, the original Netflix series. Because of her richness makes this series a talked-about on many pages. That said, it is a very fun and intense year-end series. And her strength Reached a step in the popularity ranking to be No. 1, the most popular series in Thailand. Although only just released a few weeks


Alice in Borderland is a series adapted from the very popular Japanese manga of the same name. By adapting to the Original Series via Netflix. What's instant? She's gone.



Aritsu, the main character of the story, and two friends. Hee guys have a bad life. After a bad day of them, you They made an appointment to walk at the Shibuya intersection. Then pushed to stand playing in the middle of the intersection when the time had expired across the road Therefore ran away from the police to escape in the bathroom But when the fire went out and came out and found All Tokyo people are all gone.



As for the blessing of the night, a LED sign points to a building. When entering the building They will find mobile phones placed for different devices. And the mobile will say that you have to play the game and start scanning your face To register to play the game Without being able to escape from the building, if  สมัครสมาชิก sloxo you come out, you will find a red laser shot down from the sky, piercing the dead head. In which they had to join a group of people who were all left in the city. You must play the game to survive. If you survive, you will receive a visa. In order to continue living in the abandoned city, if the visa runs out, it will be shot dead by a laser. So I have to find a game to play every night for life.



But you have games that you play through your life, each game has its own rules. The games are categorized according to a single deck of cards, with cards of clubs being cooperative. Diamond It's a game that requires wit and brain. Spades are a game of power while hearts are a game of feeling. Have to betray each other Personal number on the card face Indicates the level of difficulty of the game. The more you win the high numbers game Will be able to extend the visa for several days

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