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Try it? Test for diabetes from urine by yourself




Share knowledge about health, disease, illness How to exercise Weight loss tips For good health Stay and eat delicious food for a long time.“Diabetes” This disease can be used by all sexes and ages from their own dietary habits. And the greater risk of genetics But many people may not have time to have regular check-ups. Therefore, theสล็อตxolack of opportunity to immediately recognize the disorder of one's healthIf so Try doing a urine test yourself, which may be convenient for some people who don't have time. Or not easy going to the hospital Which I would like to say that the examination method is very easy The device is not used much, it is inexpensive and has a clear and reliable result. Let's go see

Test your urine for diabetes yourself

Method 1 Boil "urine"


1.Glass bulb or glass bottle, refractory

2. Benedict (Can be purchased at the Government Pharmaceutical Organization Or some drug stores)

3.Glass ampoule for medicine (You can buy it at the drugstore) or if you can't find it, use a small tube.

4. Newly collected passa

Urine test method

1. Put Benedict solution into a glass tube. Or about 1 teaspoon of refractory glass

2. Add 8 drops of urine into the glass tube, shake gently to combine.

3. Put the glass bulb in boiling water for 5 minutes or heat for 2 minutes until the substance inside boils.

4. Note the color changing.

If blue = no brown

Green = brown +1

Yellow = brown +2

Orange = brown +3

Red color = the most brown is +4.

Method 2 Urine tablet

Buy urine test tablets By dropping 5 drops of urine in 10 drops of water and then putting the pill into it. Will bubble up Wait until the bubbles are completely emptied, then observe the change in color. Similar to the test method with Benedict

Method 3 Urine test strips

If a urine test strip can be purchased Can be used easily Just dip the test paper in the urine. Then wait and see the color displayed on the paper

No matter how you test it If you find a positive urine sugar value of +1 or more, test it several times, possibly before meals. Or in the morning If you still find positive values It may be very likely that you have diabetes to it anyway.

If you are currently taking certain medications Or are pregnant May find sugar in the blood Without diabetes Therefore, if urine is examined by yourself Found positive values ​​often should see a doctor for a physical examination. And let the doctor diagnose in detail again

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