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Post Info TOPIC: Meet the loneliness gloves that feel like a human handshake and VR gloves from the future.

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Meet the loneliness gloves that feel like a human handshake and VR gloves from the future.





Technology in the world today must admit that it goes way beyond the expectation of humans. Even some simple equipment can be built with creativity. It is used for unexpected purposes and is also useful for certain groups of people.Today, Beartai would like to take out two “gloves” from the most recently invented futuristic world to update them to keep them from going out of trend. The human-like gloves are used to relieve loneliness, and the VR gloves that are used to touch the world of virtual reality.The first type of gloves are made for lonely singles in the late winter, like this one, CNET news agency reports that the "Osampo slotxo Kanojo" glove robot was created by a Japanese scientist. By creating to have the most human touch The palm part is made from a soft and flexible gel. On top of that, the glove can actually release liquid through the pores, like sweat. In addition, the robot hand has a pressure sensor inside it. When the gripper squeezes the palm of the robot The motor will run and will squeeze your hand back immediately.


And if you think just this Osampo Kanojo glove is special then let's say you are wrong. The creator also installed a small speaker that would play the sound of the feet of people next to it, wheezing and emitting a subtle scent. Of shampoo, women come out as well The creator also made a robot with the male hand. Which looks like a woman's hand in all respects Unless the scent released is different (Not sure if it feels warm or haunting, like there's more of the invisible?) The creator Osampo Kanojo says they hope the glove will help soothe the user. Stress and loneliness

Scientists at Cornell University have now invented a functional glove to capture objects in the virtual world, equipped with sensors made of retractable optical fibers. And will detect the action of the finger with the glove To process through grasping the direction and behavior of the hand that has picked up the object, both the shape of the hand, pressing, flexing and stretching through the trajectory of light movement. It sends hand movement data into the computer system again.

Think of it as if you had this glove tool to teach car repairs. Or change the tire in the virtual world Where this glove can measure your hand exertion. Can tell you “Twist here and stop.” Think how amazing it can be? This glove has a very low cost to build. Includes Bluetooth technology to transmit data. Lithium battery as a power source and LED lights come together. I hope it may lead to further development in the medical field. And physical therapy is coming soon, ”said Rob Shepard, Cornell professor of engineering. The people who made research and development of this glove tell you about it.Extremely compact sensors made of retractable optical fibers. Serves to detect the work of the finger that is wearing the glove

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