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Post Info TOPIC: US election 2020: Fact-checking Trump team's main fraud claims

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US election 2020: Fact-checking Trump team's main fraud claims

US election 2020: Fact-checking Trump team's main fraud claims


As efforts continue by President Donald Trump and his team to challenge the outcome of
the election, what evidence is there for the claims they are making?


Some of these issues were highlighted at a press conference on Thursday led by the president's
lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.


We've looked at the main allegations of fraud and irregularities.


Claim 1: Unexplained surges in Democrat votes

There've been a number of allegations from President Trump and others about votes for his rival,
Joe Biden, suddenly appearing in large numbers during the counting process.


In his news conference on 19 November, Mr Giuliani repeated a claim suggesting that thousands
of extra ballots had arrived very early in the morning at a Detroit counting centre.


Claim 2: Access blocked to the counts

President Trump and his legal team have taken issue with a perceived lack of access for
Republican poll watchers in certain Democrat-run cities, such as Philadelphia and Detroit.


Claim 3: Votes flipped from Trump to Biden

President Trump's legal team also repeated a claim made by him that there had been an issue
with the voting system used in some battleground states which supposedly allowed millions of
votes to be flipped from him to his rival, Mr Biden.


There is no evidence for this, and none has been provided by the president's legal team.


Claim 4: The voting machines are owned by Democrats

President Trump has said the "Radical Left owned Dominion Voting Systems" with his legal
team pointing to ties with Bill and Hillary Clinton and other Democratic politicians.



In a statement, Dominion Voting Systems said it is a non-partisan US company and has
no ownership relationships with the Clintons or with top Democratic politician Nancy Pelosi.

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