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Post Info TOPIC: Try it? "Paleo Diet", a "caveman" weight loss formula!

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Try it? "Paleo Diet", a "caveman" weight loss formula!




The flow of health is still strong. New trends to lose weight. Has been talked about more and more Today we have another trend that loves health to introduce you to. But let me tell you that it's only for the brutal!

It is recommended to get acquainted with the "Paleo Diet" (Paleo Diet), a typical caveman diet. To see a clearer picture Think back to the time when our ancestors lived as a tribe. Living in the forest, hunting, picking fruit, cooking methods are simple. There is only a grill to cook.

Of course, all the creatures of that time Born and raised naturally Didn't grow slotxo up in the ranch system so the problem of excess fat As for carbohydrate foods, they are rarely available to eat. Because foods like flour or rice Must come from the cultivation process Through the production process with technology into the main component


"Caveman" or our ancestors are therefore physically fit. Because eating only low-fat foods Live an active life all the time. It is an ideal health care formula for our generation.

The initial idea of ​​the Palaeo Diet was the belief that modern consumption practices. Is the culprit of health problems Whether it is diabetes, pressure, fat, blood clots in the arteries, obesity, cancer, etc., is that non-communicable diseases. (Non-communicable diseases or NCD) there.


Think back and agree. Because many health research The issue points out that our generation is at an increased risk of NCD or NCDs. And it's clear that the food you eat and the lifestyle that revolves around sitting and sleeping are the main reasons.


In the morning, it comes with Patongo and dip sweetened condensed milk. Coffee with creamer and sugar Curry rice is full of fried food. Drink intoxication Saturday and Sunday is a grilled buffet with only lean pieces of meat. Still not counting the snacks between meals that only contain sugar ... what would you eat like this? Try asking your heart ...


For people who want to try to lose weight with Paleo The diet can eat only a few things, mainly meat (to be 100% caveman, only the meat of grass-fed animals), eggs, fish, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains. This is a food that can be found naturally. And can be eaten without complicated cooking processes Some things can still be eaten raw.

If eating like a caveman You have to forget about sugar, salt, bread, oil, and the like. Because it was not in that era

When it comes to how to lose weight, many people may think of a 7-day meal plan from breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but for the Palaeo Diet, there is no such schedule. Since it is the choice to eat only certain foods You don't need a table. You just know what to eat. Something that should not be eaten only.


In addition, we do not recommend following a 3-day, 7-day dieting formula because during the 7 days you eat according to the formula. You may lose weight But by the 8th day and the following days you return to eat normally. Weight will return. If you're a bit unfortunate, there might be a YoYo Effect as a bonus.


Simply put, a good way to lose weight is a way that we can do it for the rest of our lives. Become a lifestyle Not just for a few days Think about it as we accumulate obesity. How many years have accumulated fat? It will never go away with a diet formula within 7 days.


Back in the Paleo Diet, many people might wonder if eating paleo diet will be too difficult or not. For everyday cooks, it may be possible, but this method will not meet the needs of most people who eat out. In addition, it may not taste good. Because it is food that hardly cook anything.


If we were to seriously want to eat like a caveman, we would have to raise pigs, cows and dig up a fish pond by ourselves. To be able to control 100% of the food they eat, grass fed and only natural food. Of course we can't do that.

Therefore, the best way to do this is to apply the concept to your own lifestyle. Should be more beneficial than suppressing patience to eat like this for every meal Both in my heart I want to eat flour, eat rice or dessert to satisfy some meals or some days.

Even an athlete with a strict diet, he still needs a "ghost release" or Cheat day for whatever he wants to eat. And ordinary people For example, why would we endure suppressing it, right?

Let me give you a few examples of the implementation of the concept of Palaeo Diet. Let's say we go to a Japanese restaurant. We may order a grilled salmon salad. Or grilled pork with soy sauce If going to the papaya salad scaffolding We may order Grilled Chicken, Papaya Salad, Larb Moo (Ahhhh, grilled pork neck, I don't count. Because the pork is very fat today) or a simple menu Like a braised dish without fried garlic Like this is enough to go to

Simply put, choose the best medium. Because at some point We will get "punched" symptoms and eat everything that is in the way. Because Ian and the same old food are so full that they are all made to be meaningless.

Let me conclude that Paleo Diet does not just help with dieting alone. If you can manage the food you eat each day according to the principles of Paleo Diet, it will help reduce acne sores. Reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and improve the ability of the body for people who are athletes.

If this is useful Let's try to be a caveman.


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