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Recognized "game addiction" caused by excessive relaxation





Nowadays, mobile phones, smart phones have increasingly played a role in human life. Regardless of who they are, any gender, age, they must have a mobile phone as the 33rd organ of the body, in addition to being used to communicate with each other. Mobile phones are also another library. Or a pocket-sized world Where when we want to find something What do you slotxo want to know? Just press it All the answers will be revealed to us immediately, and mobile phones are the devices that bring us closer to each other. Any corner of the world can be communicated in a timely manner through social media and applications made to meet our application needs. Or if someone is stressed Mobile phones also have games for us to practice our skills and relax with, and there are advantages over disadvantages.

In addition to working teenagers and adults who will have a mobile phone already. Today, many parents choose to buy a phone for their children. Who are in childhood Because of the convenience when contacting each other, you can carry around, but do you know? If the family does not teach them to understand and know how to use it. Until it does not divide the time into proportion to use it They choose to relax and enjoy non-stop gaming. That causes these children to eventually enter the state of "game addiction".


Get to know "Game Addiction"

Game addiction is characterized by addictive symptoms of uncontrollable gameplay. These people are considered to be patients with the disorder. They choose to play the game first when they wake up, then play the long haul until they go to bed completely uninterested in their daily routine. Or other activities Until causing negative consequences and affecting the various responsibilities that they have received, which recently The World Health Organization (WHO) has approved the symptoms of gaming disorder. Or game addiction into a new disease reference guide called "International Classification of Diseases 11th revision (ICD-11)" in the category of mental disorders. Substance addiction and behavioral addiction groups The addiction to this game will have symptoms similar to alcohol addiction or gambling.

From overseas data, it was found that The incidence of game addiction ranged from 0.75 to 27.5% depending on a number of different factors, including gender, age and assessment criteria. The age range from adolescence to early adulthood is often the age with the highest incidence. In the house we found About 15% of adolescents are game-addicted, and it is more common in boys than girls. But found that Girls are more addicted to using the internet than through social media.

Game addiction can be caused by a number of reasons.


Today the character of a family in Thailand is a single family. There is more divorce every year. The fact that each family is a single parent is ineffective in caring for the child, the parent is unable to be as strict and disciplined as it should be. Therefore have to choose a smartphone for them to contact to play and relax instead Some families may misunderstand that Not buying a mobile phone for your child will not keep up with your friends. Some families may have high pressures and stress. Affect the care of the child Make children use the game to relax in one direction.


Who would have thought that "game addiction" can be transmitted from parents to children through genetics, in fact, in medicine it is very important. If examined, chemical abnormalities in the brain involved in restraint Emotional control And award management Because normal People can be happy from activities such as sleep, eating or watching movies and listening to music, but if the brain in the reward management area is abnormal. Had done activities that he liked but were not happy Playing games is the only way to feel relaxed.

Psychiatric disorder

In medical practice, it was found that psychiatric disorders were caused by malfunctions of the brain. These diseases are involved in the brain in the restraint. Emotional control And award management, for example, a child suffering from depression They are often unhappy with their life. Therefore choose to play the game Or children with ADHD They will lack restraint Which is why they cannot control their own games


Today, games that have been released in the market are often very addictive. There is a fun way to play. Makes players hooked as easily as buying various items. To advance the level of play Using money to shop in the game Some people are familiar with the game and get better. It will make him feel like a leader, have people respect, and be able to help others in the game. But did you know that this is not a pride that makes it look good? Really, we should be more proud of what happens in real life. Some children are shy. Don't dare to communicate with normal people When did you enter the online world? Or communicate through the text through games, these children are often able to communicate. Or better express an idea Making them turn to these media rather than their interactions in the real world. Moreover, there is a wider variety of games released today than in the past. There was a change in which girls became more and more popular to play games. From the original that boys are addicted to games Can bring girls into this state as well

Game addiction with diverse effects


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