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Bot: revolutionary chat program



Recently, the current "bot" or, more precisely, the "chatbot" has been widely discussed. Leading IT companies like Microsoft and facebook have been actively developing bots as a new platform for online communication. Especially between brands and customers In order to be able to communicate with each other quicklyWhat is a bot A bot is an automated program for performing a specific function on the Internet. Which stands for robot (robot) means robot Bots that are used to collect information from web pages are called "web crawler" or "spider" which will collect information of that web for analysis. Another index of search engine performance.However, the bots we are going to talk about today are designed to run in messenger programs. It serves to answer questions or interact with users as they have been programmed. For example Reserve a seat in a restaurant Save appointments to calendar. And showing the content requested by the user, etc. There is also another type of bot that simulates a conversation with the user. They both feel as though they are talking to a real human interlocutor. Or allow users to select conversations as specified by the programFactors contributing to bot developmentThere are three main factors that make bots a product that many companies pay attention to. Messenger, WeChat and Line, etc. You can say that breathing in and out is a chat program ever. Therefore came up with an idea that the user is already familiar with Why not add new features? Go in So users don't have to waste time jumping from one app to another. For example, the WeChat program, where Chinese users are stuck together, is not just for Ah Muay Ah Tee to chat with each other. But can also be used to order food, book a doctor's appointment, or make a donation to charity right from the app It can be said that it brings other app features into one WeChat app.

For the second factor is An overload of application volumes in the market. There's no denying that app development is one of the channels brands use to communicate with their customers. But one app development Use a lot of budget And even if you grind your teeth and develop it successfully, you will still be faced with tens of thousands of competitors on the online store. And nowadays, how many real apps are running? Not many, right? As a result, bots in many chat programs are seen as an attractive channel for customers to communicate with brands without having to leave their daily chat program.

And the last factor is due to the fact that AI technology has been more developed. Digital assistants slotxo like Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa can respond to voice commands from users. Hence, it is very likely that if this technology is evolving continuously. And developers give brands the opportunity to leverage this feature It is possible that we will also be able to communicate with bots that represent brands on issues we are curious about.

What is the function of a bot However, bots that are currently in the chat program are not quite capable of interacting with us naturally. Its function right now is similar to the familiar telephone answering service. For example, recently, US fast food chain Taco Bell. Developed a bot program for use with Slack, a popular corporate chat program. To order food and pay through the program without hooking up with the store, bots can also provide tips, answer questions, and group shopping lists. Collaborate with Twitter to allow customers to order pizza by tweeting pizza emoji emoji.

In addition to being in a chat program Common apps also have a chat feature with bots. For example, the Quartz news app summarizes the most interesting news from time to time and presents it to users as a conversation It feels more like you're chatting with your friends than reading the news. And at the end of each conversation, the app bot will show you the option to continue reading the details of the news. Or skip to read other news And if we read all the interesting news issues at that time The bot also asks us whether to play a time-killing quiz or not !?

Can bots replace apps One of the reasons bots are getting this much talk is because the app market is starting to saturate. Due to the overflowing quantity and consumers are tired of loading specific applications, for example, when booking a restaurant requires one app. When calling a taxi, use an app. If you want to buy things online, you have to go to another app. If we can bring the features mentioned from different apps Come to scale in bot form. Then put it as a supplementary function in the chat app that we use every day Will the app come to an end or not

Despite the possibility But lately, I think bots still have to act as an extension of the app for a while. Just like the smar****ch is a smartphone add-on. Because alone, the bot doesn't have the ability to communicate with users in highly complex conversations. Or can predict the emotions of a human interlocutor This is the reason why facebook's M bot has to be human behind the scenes.What the bot can do now is to facilitate the use of the program.

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