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Post Info TOPIC: "Eye drops" cannot solve the problem of myopia - long sight.

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"Eye drops" cannot solve the problem of myopia - long sight.




Reminder nano eye drops Can't solve the problem of myopia or long sight without wearing glasses or contact lenses. Don't be fooled by the product or product. Who said that drops will solve the problem of nearsightedness or long sight.Dr. Weerawut Imsamran, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Medical Services, said that at present, social media has published Or  slotxo share information with an Israeli research team Developed nano eye drops That can solve the problem of myopia and long sight. Without having to wear glasses or contact lenses From examination of the data, it was found that the nano-reagents were actually studied abroad. It was an experiment using a type of reagent and applied to pig eyes in the laboratory. Which was an eye that was not found in live pigs for research It was found that the corneal refractive or visual acuity shift was approximately 200-300 units, which was only temporary in this experiment. Works in a short time Because the experiment is still in its early stages There have been no experiments on animals or living organisms. So if you have eye problems Should consult an ophthalmologist To correct treatment


Correct eyesight Need to use laser light to reshape the corneaKriengkrai Namthaisong, MD, Director of Metta Pracharak Hospital (Wat Rai Khing) added that In general, the correction of abnormal vision At present, laser light is used to reduce the shape of the cornea. This is because the cornea is very curved and the refraction is abnormal. Cause myopia Which from the research results of the nano-eye drops published on social media It is not yet an adjustment to the shape of the cornea. But to reduce the ability of the cornea to refract light. To refract light less

By medical standards, in order to bring a drug or product to be used for medical use, a standard for testing a type of drug must be tested in a laboratory. Which are not living things After the results are good, experiments will be started on laboratory animals such as certain species of rodents or pigs. After testing in laboratory animals Found to be effective and safe Even to start conducting experiments on human subjects Which, if it works well and is safe and without complications, then it will begin to be used in humans

In general, each drug trial It may take a long time. The case of nano-liquid published on social media is just in the early stages. It is only a laboratory experiment, so the ophthalmologist warns about using the drug. Or various products used on the eyes You should be very careful Because the eyes are fragile organs and are easily infected. Therefore, the reagents that have not been certified to medical standards Or something unclean to use on the eyes Serious infections can lead to loss of eyes or blindness.

In conclusion, the nano eye drops are still being tested. Therefore, the effect of solving eye problems is not yet known. If there are problems with the eyes Should consult an ophthalmologist In order to receive the proper treatment

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