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Post Info TOPIC: A 186 passenger easy jet crashed into a drone in England, 3 feet away.


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A 186 passenger easy jet crashed into a drone in England, 3 feet away.





Easyjet passenger aircraft Carrying 186 passengers close to a large drone crash in England, just three feet apart after just soaring from the airport in Manchester.



On Nov. 17, 2020, the Daily Mail website reported that the slotxo  Easy Jet passenger plane carrying 186 passengers narrowly collided into mid-air with an unmanned aerial vehicle or a large drone at intervals. Only 3 feet apart after this Boeing Airbus A320 aircraft has just taken off from the airport in Manchester. To head to Athens Capital of greece And is flying at an altitude of 8,000 feet



According to officials in the UK Airprox Board of Hazardous Acts, the UK Airprox Board revealed that from the investigation. Easyjet captain and assistant pilot Saw a large drone that was flying illegally Because he didn't ask for permission Head straight for a Boeing Airbus A 320 that is flying at 320 mph. Until almost collide Because there is a distance of only 3 feet at about 3:20 pm on September 4, 20, until it is an event that a drone narrowly collides with a plane in the most dangerous category A.



Many aviation experts fear that if a drone hits a passenger plane May cause jet engine damage Or seriously injure both pilots if the drone collides with the windshield of the aircraft



Meanwhile, a study by the British Transport Association and Airline Pilots also found that if an aircraft collides with a 4kg drone while flying at speed, it could seriously damage the front windshield. Previously There have been reports of an incident where a drone narrowly collided with a passenger plane from a distance of just 10 feet ago in June 2018, which was thrilling Born with the Dreamliner B787-9 that came from New Delhi. The aircraft lowered its ceiling to 3,200 feet in preparation for landing at Heathrow Airport.

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