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"Close, wash, avoid, stop" far from influenza




Phayao Public Health Suggesting how to act, close, wash, avoid, stop, far away from influenzaDr. Kraisuk Phetchaburanin, Phayao Provincial Public Health Doctor revealed that from the epidemiological surveillance data of the Phayao Provincial Public Health Office in 2018, the flu situation from January 1 to December 31, 2018, there were many cases of 2,241 cases, the sickness rate was 471.97 per 100,000 population. No deaths were reported. Which found more cases than in 2017, the most cases were in January. The group of newborn children –14 years, where influenza patients are most likely to be found in crowded places, such as child care centers, educational establishments, dormitories, as well as in establishments / workplaces. Weekly prognosis and health disasters in 2019 are expected during this period that there will be more people with influenza. Due to entering the epidemic season In addition, during this period, the weather changes, cold and hot and rainy. The body may not adapt in time to cause illness. And may result in a wide spread of influenza in the community. Especially in the risk group for severe symptoms or slotxo death, including the elderly, chronically ill. Young children and pregnant women


Therefore, Phayao Provincial Health Office Therefore instructed all public health service units In Phayao Province There is extensive surveillance and screening of patients with influenza-like symptoms according to the influenza-like spread prevention standard. And if the outbreak is found in clusters, the disease should be detected and investigated in the area to control the disease quickly. Importantly, it emphasizes the publicity of influenza prevention to the public to be thoroughly informed. By focusing on places where there are many people together, such as schools, establishments, workplaces, military camps, establishments Apartment / dormitory By using measures to close, wash, avoid, stop to prevent influenza as follows

Closed is to cover your mouth, close your nose when you cough and sneeze.

Washing: washing hands often when touching objects such as the knobs on the rail

Avoiding is to avoid close contact with the patient.

Stop is when sick, should stop studying, stop work, stop activities in crowded places. Especially in the risk group, including the elderly, chronically ill patients Young children and pregnant women Should be closely monitored If you have a fever, take medicine to reduce fever If it does not improve in 2-3 days, you should seek medical attention.

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