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"Microwave" safe for human health or not?






Microwaves make heating or cooking easy. It also helps us to save a lot of time. But is the food obtained from the microwave safe or not? Come and find out.Are microwaveable foods safe There is very little evidence that What are the risks of using a microwave? The risks as seen here are, but the heat is not evenly distributed. Resulting in low heat spots that allow slotxo many pathogens to survive, which is why Why is food made from frozen raw chicken? Can transmit salmonellosis (Salmonellosis) that can cause typhoid and parathyroid disease. It is because the microwave does not distribute the heat evenly.In addition, experts say There are some types of containers that are not safe for use in the microwave. Which those vessels are ...

Metal container

Soft plastic material

Paper plate


The container that is the most microwave safe is Ceramic and glass containers

Does the microwave lose some nutritional value?

Experts say Cooking or heating food in the microwave As with any other cooking method, some vitamins are lost. Actually, using rapid microwave heating This will cause less loss of nutritional value than conventional cooking heat.

Do microwaves cause cancer?

The research study results indicate that 'Carcinogen' is a major contributor to the cause of cancer. Carcinogens are naturally formed when cooking protein-rich foods such as meat and fish. And is likely to occur higher If it takes too much time or heat to cook meat.

Cooking methods are very influencing carcinogenic factors. Some studies have reported that Carcinogens can build up in chicken at high levels. If cooked in the microwave When compared to pan-frying, grilling or baking

But no studies have yet identified or shown that Consumption of poultry that has been cooked in the microwave Contributed to cancer

Recent research studies This revealed that Grilled fish contains more carcinogens than fish cooked in the microwave. While cooking meat in the microwave. Can't detect carcinogens at all In addition, defrosting meat. And heating food made from meat and fish in the microwave. It usually takes a few minutes. Therefore does not cause carcinogens to come up

Do microwaves make packaging dangerous?

There is evidence to believe that The chemicals in the plastic packaging May escape into the food When you can put it in the microwave Which increases the risk of developing cancer But plastic containers Plastic packaging And plastic wrap for food in this era It is designed to withstand the heat in the microwave as well.

If the packaging says Safe to use in the microwave Usually shows a microwave symbol. Or there is a way to use it with the microwave properly, so when choosing to buy something that needs to be used with a microwave Should turn over these symbols first

Can a microwave kill microbes?

Cooked food Tend to reduce the risk of contracting the disease a lot Which is the big problem of using the microwave Even heat distribution Due to the shape of the food Which is this factor that may make you notice that Microwaved foods are sometimes hot spots. And there are some cool spots Thus causing a safety problem to come up


Microwave cooking May help kill pathogenic microorganisms If the temperature and duration appropriate for the portion of the food In which if the temperature exceeds 60 degrees Celsius or more Can kill most of the microorganisms that cause illness But the toxins produced by these microbes may be resistant to heat.


Therefore, if the food contains microorganisms that cause toxins, contaminated before Microwaves may also kill microbes. But can not destroy the toxins produced by the microorganisms Even with the heat and time that is suitable for the portion of the food Which cooking by other methods Also caused side effects like this Correct food storage It is therefore very important to reduce the risk of this kind of problem.

How to reduce the risks of using a microwave

Avoid overcooking vegetables. To help reduce the chance of losing nutritional value

Before placing food in the microwave Always read the label on the package. And then follow the instructions

If the packaging is not marked as safe for use in the microwave It should be poured into a container that is more suitable for use in the microwave.

The dish should be rotated and stirred frequently. While being heated in the microwave To help distribute heat evenly And reduce the chance that microorganisms from food will cause illness Also, check the temperature of the food before taking it into your mouth. This is because food can become very hot and can cause blanching.Remember, microwaves are not magic at making food contaminated with microbes safer. So if you are not sure about cleanliness Should throw that food away

You should not heat dry food in the microwave. Because it could cause a fire Also, dry plastas, fruits, peppers, and processed meats should not be heated in the microwave.

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