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Broken raw "abstain from alcohol" how not to take risks?





After entering the Buddhist Lent for a while Began to see many people take seriously and participate in activities to rest the liver and abstain from drinking Lent. Many people use this opportunity to abstain from alcohol every year. And what is delightful is that it can be extended from abstaining from 3 months to quitting drinking for lifeThe liver is slotxo known to be the organ that is directly affected by drinking alcohol. But Dr. Teerayut said that drinking alcohol does not adversely affect the liver alone. But also other organs such as the digestive system Causing ulcers in the stomach, enteritis, esophageal cancer, etc.At the end of the last month There are many news agencies presenting news of the death or the impact of the raw and abstained from alcohol. Safely abstain from alcoholLecturer Mr. Teerayut Explain that people who drink alcohol can be divided into 3 groups:


1) People with low risk are those who occasionally drink or drink a little.


2) Those at high risk are those who drink alcohol and have problems such as drunk driving.


3) People with alcohol dependence Is someone who cannot control himself These people need medical advice.




Alcohol is a type of sedative. Make it press the brain When they stop drinking, they wake up the brain. The nervous system works a lot. Resulting in various symptoms The symptoms of lack of alcohol are divided into 2 types as follows


1. Normal lack of alcohol There will be tremors, tremors, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, nervousness, restlessness, sweating, high blood pressure. Tachycardia and insomnia are most common in the first few days, after which symptoms gradually develop. Fell and disappeared by itself If you don't return to drinking again


2. Severe lack of alcohol There will be mental symptoms such as hearing loss, hallucinations, delusions, convulsions, some with brain symptoms, confusion, delirium, extreme irritability, extreme restlessness. Does not recognize the date, time, place and person momentarily dementia. This is a very dangerous condition. Need urgent medical treatment



How to stop drinking

Phak. Songkran Pak Chokdee, Director of the Non-Alcoholic Organization Network, said that during Buddhist Lent is a powerful time. Cause economic consequences Thai people can save money The time of happiness is increasing Accidents were reduced. But be careful about the raw broken. If a person who is heavily addicted to alcohol and immediately quits, it can be dangerous. Because alcohol is not like a cigarette Broken cigarettes If the alcohol is stuck heavily Cannot be broken You need to consult your doctor, so learn the correct way to stop drinking. Because each person has a different alcohol consumption.


Method 1: How to stop drinking 9 steps or how to stop drinking yourself (raw) This method is suitable for people who are not addicted to alcohol. With the following methods





Clear goals To stop drinking alcohol for what and who


Make a prayer with strong intent "Will stop drinking", set the day and stop drinking immediately And watch for their own lack of alcohol (actually should gradually reduce the amount of drinking less and less before the actual holiday) To reduce the problem of lack of alcohol)


Prepare to think ahead How to not think of alcohol again and learn to deny that you don't drink


Find creative activities such as playing music, playing sports, and recreation with family.


Tell your loved ones and friends that you will stop drinking and seek encouragement from those around you.


Do it now Successful people do not wait or wait. Actions are the beginning of the goal immediately.


Create happiness easily by yourself, such as relaxing by taking deep breaths, grinning wide, laughing loudly, listening to music in your favorite style. Or sing karaoke with the family in the house Get up early to water the plants. Listen to the sound of birds And then smiled to himself saying Today will be another day that we can not drink alcohol. To give alms to monks or to make merit with the family, etc.


Take good care of yourself during the break of drinking, that is, eat all 5 food groups and choose to exercise according to their age.


Consult an expert If you are worried or trying to quit but you are unsuccessful Able to consult with specialists from treatment centers from all over the country


Type 2: how to stop alcohol by using drug therapy

Quitting alcohol by seeing a doctor It is a more effective method than the stick drinking group. You can seek advice and receive treatment at a hospital with a psychiatrist on duty. Or contact the psychiatric department Or alcohol and drug treatment clinic near home


It is considered that the three months of this Buddhist Lent is a great time to turn to rest and rest by stopping alcohol to give the body and mind a rest. It is a good starting point for people to stop drinking. Because of the abstention of alcohol in Lent There have been many changes for the better, such as saving money, maintaining health Get safety And showed love to those around him


Again, in abstaining from alcohol, those who drink for a long time when they stop drinking may not have any symptoms. There would not be a problem to stop drinking by yourself. People who need a doctor are those who have been drinking for a long time, drinking heavily for years, drinking almost every day. When you stop drinking by yourself and experience discomfort, you should refer to a doctor. Will be safe and broken without risk

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