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Can you "exercise" when sick?





Exercise regularly Help maintain normal weight Stimulate the work of the immune system It also reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, but in some situations, such as when sick, most people are unsure of whether they can exercise or not when exercising when sick. Will it make my symptoms worse? So let's go and find an answer.


Can I exercise when I am sick?

One of the benefits of exercise is Help the immune system Which is a ดาวน์โหลด slotxostrong defense against disease and illness of the body But if you're sick or unwell, exercise may not always be good for your health. Certain illnesses can exercise. While some symptoms should refrain from exercise And should rest until recovered Most experts use a "neck" as a basis for making recommendations that The illness that you have is able to exercise or not. If your illness is mildly on the organs above the neck, you can do light exercise and you should refrain from exercising when sick. If the illness occurs on the organs below the neck down.


Illnesses that can still exercise

A common cold


Cough and sneeze


Stuffy or runny nose


Sore throat




Illnesses that do not force exercise



Have a fever


Muscle aches


Cough with phlegm


A cough that has a wheezing or a wheezing cough


Pain in the chest











How should I exercise sickness?

During illness You should reduce the intensity of exercise. Turn to light exercise, not to overdo it, such as walking instead of running, yoga instead of strength training by lifting weights. So that the body can breathe more easily The immune system does not have to overwork. If you feel that exercise and symptoms worsen Do not force continued exercise. Should stop immediately Wait until you have recovered and then come back to exercise again.




If you want to exercise at the gym when sick?

If you are sick, such as having a cold, it is best to refrain from exercising at the gym. Because fitness is a place with many users. And germs spread easily But if you really need to exercise when sick at the gym Should wash your hands thoroughly Wipe the device clean before and after use. Including wiping your hands with hand sanitiser during exercise Or after every sneeze To protect yourself from being infected or spreading germs to others




When can I return to exercise normally?

For adults with the flu If there are no complications Your flu will get better in 7 days, but if you get the flu, it can take anywhere from 10 days to 2 weeks, or if you develop complications such as bronchitis. Sinusitis, also known as Nasal cavity inflammation It may take at least 2 weeks or more. Until the illness is completely cured Even a strong cough or a cough that contains phlegm can last for weeks if not completely cured. You should rest and heal. Take the medicine as your doctor ordered. And get plenty of rest When the illness has recovered The body has fully recovered and then returned to exercise as usual.

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