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What is "frequent urination"?






A condition of urinating more often than usual Some people urinate 2-3 times slotxo an hour. Or having to go to the bathroom often at night Considered a disease It is a condition that affects the patient's daily life.What is "frequent urination"?Professor Wachirakchakarn, Department of Urology Surgery Department of Surgery Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University gave the information that the urinary frequency It is a condition that affects the patient's daily life. Some are unaware that they are present or are unaware that Having symptoms indicating that this disease The people with this disease will have pain in urinating more often than the general public. Every time the pain is severe, the symptoms require you to go to the bathroom. It may ache every hour until it does nothing. Even at night I couldn't sleep because I had to get up all night to go to the bathroom. Causing suffering and annoyance to those who areIn normal human conditions, when there is half the amount of water in the bladder in the bladder. People will begin to feel rested. Not yet reached a stage of pain But if you walk through the bathroom, you may visit the toilet. To release that delay But if you still can't find the bathroom Or stuck in another mission You will not need to go to the bathroom until you have a full bladder. The bladder will compress and eventually pain. And when the pain is normal, people usually go to the toilet and urinate, respectively.But if it is a person with abnormal or overactive bladder Will feel pain, urinating frequently, almost every hour If it's at night, you won't get enough sleep because you have to get up all night to go to the bathroom. Which the bladder will squeeze even though the bladder is not full of water When the bowel is excreted in small quantities, the opposite of pain occurs. Because people with this condition Will feel severe pain and have to go to the bathroom And may not be able to hold back until having to let go of pouring out


Known for overactive bladder

The exact cause of the condition is unknown, but it can be concluded that something is interfering with the bladder function. It generally deals with the controlling nervous system that makes it compress too sensitive. However, there may be diseases other than overactive bladder as well. If a doctor has been seen The doctor will check for other diseases first, such as inflammation of the bladder that has or not. Check if there are red blood cells in the bladder or not. Or may have a blood test for abnormalities And check that the kidney function Is there a deficiency or the urinary distillation is too frequent?


May require the patient to keep a record of how much water is drinking within 24 hours. What kind of water to drink, such as water, orange juice, coffee, etc. and how much? How many times of urination and at what time do they have other symptoms? For further assessment The optimal time for taking notes is 3 days, and your doctor will then assess the information. To find the cause of urinary excretion more often than normal people Because in some patients it was found that the habit of drinking water frequently even though the body was not dehydrated. May be caused by frequent dry throat It can cause urination more often than normal people. Or some people like to eat fruit that is rich in water, it can cause frequent urination as well. However, you must first know how the patient behaves. So that the right point can be treated If it is found that the behavior is that the patient must adjust the behavior himself. And these symptoms are not caused by overactive constriction of the bladder.


Note that each bowel has a reasonable amount. Where the pain is caused by water that fills the bladder This is different from people whose bladder compresses faster than normal who tend to excrete in small amounts because they are excreted even though the water has not yet filled the bladder. There may also be a further physical examination. After taking note of the patient's behavior And still can't find the cause


In most cases, overactive bladder is directly related to bladder abnormalities such as inflammation, bladder disease such as stones or tumors. Or abnormalities of the side organs, such as in women may have abnormalities of the uterus. The lack of hormones. But the important matters found are relevant that need to be distinguished. Is a disorder of the motor nervous system, both the brain, spinal cord and all parts.


The exact cause is not yet known. But it has been found that there are many things that can be stimulating, such as habits, certain beverages, lifestyle, for example, some people may have a urinary incontinence, including certain foods that have the ability to accelerate the compression of the bladder, such as Caffeine, spicy drinks, sodas, spicy foods, spices, wasabi, etc.


The condition can be found in both men and women. But may be found at different ages In women,

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