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Get to know emotional asthma




Emotional asthma (Hyperventilation Syndrome) is when a patient has a long, fast and deep breath. Until causing an abnormality in the blood chemistry Causing various symptoms Physical follow Such symptoms Often associated with anxiety Or get psychological pressure Before the symptoms Which symptoms Happen from time slotxo to time And there is no danger of life If not for any other physical cause


Characteristics Patients will have rapid breathlessness. Complaining of difficulty breathing, dizziness, dizziness, palpitations, hand cramps and numbness may occur around the mouth and fingers. This symptom is caused by a decrease in the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood. This causes the contraction of the blood vessels that go to the different parts of the body, especially the brain. Including a decrease in the calcium that is the active ingredient in the blood is reduced. Such symptoms Often associated with anxiety Before symptoms occur, it may be found that Patients often have significant psychological problems, such as arguing with close people or work, or having difficulty studying, having to take exams, etc.


However, such symptoms It may resemble asthma symptoms for many physical causes, such as asthma (asthma), ischemic heart disease. Diabetic ketoacidosis, and so on, so the patient must have a history taking. Physical examination And send necessary laboratory tests In order to receive the correct diagnosis and care for the next cause




Treatment of breathlessness By trying to slow down your breathing Or to breathe in a paper bag covering both the mouth and nose Including receiving drugs in the anti-anxiety drug group Will help reduce breathlessness But if the patient is unable to take the medicine Your doctor may consider injections. Which will act quickly


The symptoms were more common in women of school age to early adult. Before symptoms occur, there are often psychological problems. But should be careful in older patients With existing underlying disease Or the patient's original personality has no problems in adapting to the stressors before. Or patients with symptoms without obvious pressure problems Which the above symptoms may be due to the physical causes mentioned above



The patient should be described to understand the mechanism of the symptom. As well as being confident that the symptoms are not life threatening And should be contacted for treatment with a doctor as scheduled


Patients should be advised of appropriate behavior in the event of symptoms and due to emotional asthenia. Often associated with the tension that arises Therefore, patients should be advised about Coping and resolving causes of stress Including and receiving psychological care In order to adapt to better cope with stress


In healthy patients Such symptoms Will not lead to other dangerous diseases As for carrying patient identification cards Will benefit in terms of being convenient when contacting the hospital And in the event that the patient has many symptoms Unable to provide information


For patients who can use a slow breathing practice. In reducing asthenia, rapid breathing May not need to carry any equipment But if unable to use such methods May carry a paper bag with you to use when symptoms occur.

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