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Post Info TOPIC: Blockchain technology: the end of all enterprise business models?

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Blockchain technology: the end of all enterprise business models?



Blockchain technology is extremely hot, especially slotxo for those who do not want government regulation. Technology enthusiast Including various organizations This has led many groups of people to try to develop the Blockchain Ecosystem, but many failures have failed to understand the essence of Blockchain technology.Soon after the 2008 global financial crisis (Hamburger Crisis), Bitcoin was launched. It is largely supported by groups that do not need governmental controls. And liberals who want to give up control of the central bank's financial supplySatoshi Nakamoto and other cryptocurrency supporters Understand the potential of Blockchain in the fundamentals of financial transactions. But it wasn't until Ethereum's launch in 2015 that it was the way Turing-complete comes true.Blockchain is characterized by an independent technology. Which supports the dream of a free society We were previously at this point with cyber ideologists. (Cyber-Utopian idealists) in the early days of the Internet and the world wide web before.Like the Internet today, managed by centralized monopolies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon.Blockchain technology could have the same effect in the future. But out of all possibilities Blockchain's core design and economic drive will look forward to a positive future in humanity's decentralization.Current organization statusThe Blockchain Ecosystem is dominated by traditional companies. Financial institutions and FinTech startups that want to leverage technology to reduce operating costs, reap profits and build a new monopoly empire.

A consortium of more than 80 of the largest financial and financial institutions joined the event to build a private blockchain platform in private finance, all under the control of a bank.Fortune 500 companies are forming a business alliance to support Ethereum to fulfill its duties. Themselves in increasing profits for shareholders.In Sydney, in 2014 the Ethereum meetup was initiated, a demographic shift from anarchist developers to corporate executives wearing suits.Ethereum meetups rapidly evolved within the investor association. For speculators and recruiting senior personnel like corporate executives

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