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Post Info TOPIC: A secret that you may not know about "Adam's apple"

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A secret that you may not know about "Adam's apple"


ความลับที่คุณอาจจะยังไม่รู้เกี่ยวกับ “ลูกกระเดือก”

The thyroid is a part of the body. That we tend to see clearly on the throats of "men" only. Have you ever wondered why joker slotonly men have Adam's apple? Is there really no woman? And why can't women?What is the Adam's appleA Adam's apple is a sharp, round nodule that we see prominently on a man's neck. Actually, the Adam's apple is made up of two pieces joined together and at an angle.The English word Adam's apple is called Adam's apple because it has a legend that links to the Bible of Christianity. This stiff bone protrudes from the front of the neck. Above an organ called "Thyroid" bone in this area is called "Thyroid cartilage" and this bone is part of the "larynx"Why do men have Adam's apple?In fact, it is not just men who have an apple. But women have the apple as well. In English, a woman's thyroid is called Epiglottis, as described above, as the thyroid's cartilage. Which is a part of the body When it is already an organ It means that the human body will have all the same. But the characteristics that are not the same To put it simply, every human being has a sex organ. But males and females are not the same.

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