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Post Info TOPIC: Sex creates concentration Does it help reduce stress, resolve concerns, is this true?

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Sex creates concentration Does it help reduce stress, resolve concerns, is this true?




Many of you have probably heard the benefits of meditation more or less. Whether it helps with better memory Can help relieve some of the stress Or it may help to work efficiently. But because of the rush of life In addition, there were many media outlets that caught our attention. It is still difficult to sit down and finish reading a book with concentration and comprehension. If you have to sit and close your eyes without thinking about anything, it becomes the most troubling issue. Because just close your eyes for 3 seconds, your brain will probably order your body to be anxious. Until I hurriedly open my eyes to find something else to do instead, but meditation is not that difficult, just have some help to bring our thoughts to the present. By the meditation method that many people have proven to be effective, that is Meditate during sex.

 However, if any young woman who wants to concentrate while having sex, what can you do? Let's look at these 3 steps and try to follow them together.


1. Start to soothe consciously.

          Often, sex begins with the finishing touches, which is a way of having sex that is casually and not distracting, think of the first kiss when we were young. We focus on every touch we kiss. Sometimes it can put a little pressure on yourself to make a mistake, but after a few minutes you will feel good and indulge in that moment. Try using this method with some foreplay to get some concentration. Slowly start to hug, start moving, do not rush in the brain, let go of worrying thoughts. Just as we were able to concentrate during sex


2. Create a relaxing atmosphere

          Don't just think that sex is just lustful. But must think that it is an art Try to create an atmosphere in the bedroom during sex to be like relaxing at the spa. Turn on the dim lights or light a couple of scented candles. Play music that you love to lightly accompany you while having sex. All over worrying Spend your time there, be happy and focus as much as you can.

3. Slow down everything in bed.

           Finishing the word sex is not enough to create concentration. It will also create a difference in the relationship as well. Since it's hard to have sex, it's a good idea to indulge in those emotions slowly, not in a hurry, and don't let the time limit them. Should clear work or do anything to be completed first. And let that time be a golden time of making love Ensure that you will be able to concentrate and strengthen your relationship for sure.


          As you can see, the core of sex and meditation at the same time is nothing complicated. Let us just focus everything on our actions. Release emotions And the tension goes out Just as we can have good sex. It can also create meditation for the body to relax at the same time.Read more information here click: slotxo



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