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Post Info TOPIC: Doctors warn not to "do a blood test" for "intolerance food intolerance". Wasted - useless.

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Doctors warn not to "do a blood test" for "intolerance food intolerance". Wasted - useless.




"Intolerance Food Allergy" is not established in standard medicine.

As for the term food intolerance, such as milk and liquid transfusion. Eat MSG and itchy on your body. Eat gluten and have flatulence / diarrhea (not counting celiac), etc. Not classified as food allergy.

Actually, food allergy can be divided into 2 types:

Acute type Which can be examined with a skin test (skin test) or send a blood test for specific IgE (emphasizing that IgE is not IgG)Non-acute Which currently has no blood test sent to confirm at all  Several decades ago Someone is considering sending a blood test for “Food specific IgG” in hopes of helping diagnose non-acute food allergies. And intolerance to food But research has proven that Such submissions do not help diagnose. And can also be detected in normal people

Moreover Claims that diabetes, fat pressure, obesity or chronic inflammatory bowel disease Is a disease caused by “Intolerance of food intolerance” and is a reason to lead the child to submit a blood test for Food specific IgG for diagnosis So it doesn't make sense There is no medical evidence and the delivery fee is very expensive. And the results made people panic and misunderstood and had to skip unnecessary food

Allergy Society from the United States, Canada, European countries, including the Allergy Society of Thailand Therefore issued a statement "Official" to oppose the delivery of food specific IgG or intolerance.


So it can be concluded that There is no need to have a blood test for intolerance. You can read more details at slotxo website.


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