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Post Info TOPIC: Morning glory, full properties, nourish eyesight, reduce diabetes

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Morning glory, full properties, nourish eyesight, reduce diabetes




Morning glory is one of the vegetables that people like to eat as food. In Thailand, there are three types of morning glory that we know and eat: Thai morning glory, Chinese morning glory, and morning glory, which are all rich in benefits. As we have heard from time to time, it is Morning glory nourishes eyes. But did you know that morning glory also has many properties that we unexpectedly I can tell that morning glory is a must-eat dish!

          Morning glory is one of the plants in the morning glory family. Convolvulaceae Ipomea aquatica Forsk is known in English as Swamp Cabbage, Water Spinach or Kangkong. It is a perennial plant with soft, hollow stems and roots that grow along the roots. The leaves are triangular, lanceolate or narrow, the flowers are white, pink or light purple, round about 1 cm in size, when the mature fruit will split to reveal the seeds inside. Morning glory is a vegetable that is easy to grow. Most of them can be found in wet areas or on the water surface. There are many varieties of morning glory. But that Thai people are popular to eat, there are 3 varieties:

          Thai morning glory - Thai morning glory is another name called morning glory. It can be eaten fresh or used to cook a variety of Thai dishes such as Kaeng Som, Kaeng Thepo, Stir-fried Chili Paste, or add to Yentafo noodles

          Morning glory - This type of morning glory depends on the land. And has leaves and stems are light green Less rubber than Thai morning glory Can be used to cook a variety of food, including stir-fried red fire, boiled, eaten with chili paste. Put in a suki pot, etc.

          Morning glory - is a naturally occurring and growing morning glory with astringent taste and is commonly eaten fresh as a side vegetable, such as Isaan food, etc.

Morning glory and medicinal properties

          In addition to being used for cooking Morning glory can also be used as a remedy for various ailments, most of which, morning glory used as a medicine, is Thai morning glory. Because it has higher medicinal properties But there is also a morning glory used in the treatment as well. Which medicinal properties of morning glory are as follows.More information can be updated here: slotxo


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