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Improve your content quality with top SEO audit principles.




Because content is like a magnet to attract people to your business. Various contents On the site should therefore be dusted And always make it look interesting

We have seen the importance here. And it's the same period that the Content Shifu team is going to renovate the website just right Therefore tried to improve the content on the website with the principles of SEO Audit as well

Although still not seeing the full result Because recently released a new website But the initial results are satisfactory. Most of the articles on the website have a better SEO rank.

Today we want to share a simple principle. To dust off the content on your website To come back to shine on the Search Engine page again as if standing on the spotlight of the online world.

Want to know it? Well then, we recommend you to know SEO Audit in this article better.

What is SEO Audit?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, meaning to tailor your content to the Search Engine's liking until it reaches the first page of the search.

Audit means audit.

Therefore SEO Audit is a check for the performance of your content. That it is still SEO and rank well in Search Engine or not. And make improvements for the better

Actually doing SEO Audit can be done indefinitely. Every week / month But if you are too busy I didn't have that time You may be able to view an overview of the backyard and choose to edit only certain content. But if any content has a significant Traffic drop problem It should be picked up for further improvements as a more traditional Ee. In order to be convenient for inspection and to be revised again in the next


Why do I need to do a SEO audit?

SEO Audit is the answer for people who have these problems.

Articles from that were bang. But time passed, and disappeared from the first page.

Make a website for a long time But can't fight the big guys

Write an article carefully But the target group is unable to find the search

In addition, SEO Audit has a low cost. And solving problems at the root cause Because of the reason that our website rank dropped is

1. Old content No update

2. More competitors Make content to squeeze your website rankings

3. Good content but not enough SEO Content elements

4. I want to update keyword with more potential.


SEO Audit is the process of doing so that your website can rank better on Search Engine, which makes it easier for people to find you and to your website in accordance with Inbound Marketing guidelines that are used primarily to attract the target audience. By delivering useful value to the people itself. Read more information here: slotxo

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