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How to choose a quality air conditioner




The weather is getting more and more hot every day like this, making many housewives unable to stand out, go out and back to cool new air conditioners to come to the house. But the choice is not satisfactory Because each brand has different good qualities that it cannot be chosen properly. Conclude to make your choice easier. Today I have good advice. In choosing an air conditioner to recommend

Choose BTU to fit the room size. The working size of the air conditioner is called BTU. Choosing the right room is very important. Because if choosing a BTU is too high Will make the compressor cut frequently And performance decreases Also, that room will have high humidity and power consumption, but if the BTU is too low, The compressor will work all the time. Resulting in a wasted energy and the machine loses quickly as well

Look for the fiber-saving label 5. Choose an air conditioner that doesn't consume a lot of electricity. But provide the same amount of cooling If the air conditioner you choose has the same BTU and is No. 5, look at the more EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio because it consumes less power. Can be found in the product introduction document

See usage, installation and after-sales service. It is advisable to choose a company that is reliable and trustworthy. Has been in the market for a long time. Installed by a professional And have good after-sales service Including warranties


Design features worth the price Today, air conditioners compete with modern cooling technology, quietness, and health when air purifiers are included. Which there are many types Therefore should ask the seller for good Or study information of various air purification systems before purchasing to compare with the price that is really good or not. Because some brands of air conditioners stated "There is an air purification system" is actually just a protection against germs. Not allowing to spread the infection inside the machine while not working only.

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