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Post Info TOPIC: How to understand what Ft is about electricity?

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How to understand what Ft is about electricity?



Whenever the Ft (FT) increases, the electricity will go up. And when the Ft is reduced, the electricity bill will move down. However It depends on the consumption of our electricity as well. Let's get to know what the Ft is and how it affects the electricity we lose each month.

What is an electric charge and what is an Ft?

The electricity bill is made up of several parts, and the monthly electricity bill is composed of 3 parts:


1.Base electricity cost

Electricity consumption Which is calculated from the cost of generating electricity The calculation method will be categorized according to the type of users including

Type 1 Residential house

Type 2 Small businesses

Category 3 Medium sized businesses

Category 4 Large scale businesses

Category 5 specific businesses

Type 6 Non-profit Organization

Category 7 Water pumping business for agriculture

Type 8 temporary power

In each type It will divide the electrical charge unit according to each costing unit.

2. Ft value

Electricity cost according to the formula for automatic tariff adjustment Or variable electricity cost Also known for short as Ft, which is the cost of fuel. Electricity purchase cost of the Electricity Generating Authority (EGAT) and government policy expenses Changed from the level set in the base electricity bill, the Ft is updated every 4 months.

3. VAT

In addition to base electricity charges and Ft charges, consumers are required to pay VAT (7% VAT) plus base electricity charges and Ft charges.


Update the latest Ft value.

Ft will be updated every 4 months according to the various costs during that time. And every time there is a change Will be announced to the public to acknowledge

Recently, the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) resolved to reduce the variable tariff (Ft) during September-December 2020 by 0.83 satang per unit. Or billed Ft at -12.43 satang per unit Which decreased from the original charged at -11.60 satang per unit As a result, the average electricity bill has been reduced to 3.63 baht per unit from the current average electricity bill of 3.64 baht per unit (VAT excluded).


Note: You will see that the Ft number is negative, if summarized in a simple way, that whenever the negative Ft value becomes a smaller number, it means the one that will be deducted from the lower base charge. May have to pay more electricity bills


However, if you want to calculate the exact electricity cost You can check the electricity bill here >>slotxo



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