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Post Info TOPIC: When encountering an "unlucky child" on an airplane, how do you deal with it?

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When encountering an "unlucky child" on an airplane, how do you deal with it?




During the long weekend like this Many people choose to take a plane if they have to travel to farther provinces. To save time But often I have to encounter problems with passengers sitting close to each other or next to each other, causing annoyance until it makes the most of the fun of traveling. Because unable to move the seat to escape


In the past, there has been a survey of the famous Harris Interactive poll that asks the opinions of aircraft passengers when faced with passengers next to them. Unpleasant Which appears to have 37 percent of passengers who said They asked to sit next to an adult who had body odor. Better than sitting next to a baby crying on board.


If the child is still young or is an infant Stopping them from crying probably won't help. Because the child still does not know enough about the parents to order to stop crying, so you should understand the situation that arises. And find another help instead, such as wearing earplugs or listening to music from headphones that can cut the background noise.


But in case the child grows up a bit But rarely have manners Or act inappropriately, such as kicking the seat where we sit Or making noise Should let the person know that he should not do so Which flight attendants recommend that In this case, it is best to speak directly to the child first. Because most of the time, children stop or stop when being warned by strangers.


If the child does not obey And continue to do Try telling the parent or the child's parents about the problem. But if told, it still doesn't work The flight attendant should be informed. In order to manage the problems that arise Instead of having arguments with the other directly Because it could result in escalating


In addition, another way to help keep children in place. And can not cause annoyance to others It's entertainment for the kids on the plane, such as colorful books, movies, cartoons and brain teasers. This will help get the kids' attention so they can focus on what is in front of them as well.



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