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Exercises for women who work in front of the computer




Women who have to work in front of a computer pg a lot Often have various problems Often beset In particular, body aches or heavier than that, there may be complications of disease without the person being aware of them. Today we bring you exercise methods that are suitable for girls. All that have to work in front of the computer to leave What exercise poses are there? Let's go and see.


1. Crossing hands behind the back

This position allows you to hold both hands on the back. By raising one hand straight up Bend your arms down and hold them with your hands below. While the latter must be upright But if someone whose hand can't reach, use a towel as a handle, trying to keep both arms taut. It will help reduce back pain as well. And prevent the back from bending over from sitting for a long time as well


2. Overhead Stretch

This pose will help stretch your back as well. By walking two steps away from the backrest of the chair, legs apart to be equal to shoulder width. Use the handle on the back of the chair and press down in a straight line. The arms must be stretched tightly. Hold for 20-30 seconds and slowly lift yourself up. Repeat a few times.


3.Seated Twist

Sit on a chair with a straight back, slowly twisting your body to the end. Then use the same hand to hold the back of the chair and hold it for 20-30 seconds with the rest of your hand to touch the knee of the side facing it. Finished and turned to do it on the other side to count as one set Doing two or three sets can be very relaxing.

4.Sign of 4

Begin by sitting in a chair by whipping your butt out to the end of the chair. Finished, sit and correct that the department store is number 4, with the base legs being erect Place both elbows so that one on your knees and the other on your ankles. Finished gradually Lean down so that your hand touches the ground for 20 - 30 seconds, then switch sides.


5.Hamstring Stretch

Stand in front of the chair upright. Then put your hand at the end of the chair seat. Once it has been positioned, push the chair away from you at the same time. With the leg pulled back without you having to open the foot. Is to keep your feet flat on the ground If your legs are taut but your arms are still not taut, you will need to push the chair further away to keep your arms taut in the end.Hold for 20 - 30 seconds to loosen your limb muscles.

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