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The major factor isn't to chase the scales, however to observe the filigree approach of its implementation. Then the quantity of the hands will increase, and the shape of the muscle mass will improve. May the pressure be with you! And the mass! Leg press. I would like to mention that this leg workout is the second one most popular, but I can’t. In any gymnasium there are individuals who don’t squat at all, but they frequently shake their legs. They don't forget the bench press and squats to be interchangeable actions. Then why strain with a heavy barbell, while you could press the platform clinking pancakes and sense certainly cool? The myth that you could construct your legs without squats hovers over the planet. Fortunately, this is not real, because with out squats it’s now not like legs, you could’t even pump up fingers. But still, squats or leg presses, which of these sporting activities is higher and why? The maximum exciting issue approximately education and sports nutrition on my channel in telegram   There became a time, I myself believed that the leg press within the simulator may be a whole alternative for squats for those who can't or do not want to swing their legs with a barbell. Therefore, I endorsed that they include the bench press within the complex of leg schooling on an ongoing basis. But the older I got, the more closely I studied every exercise and its effect on my developing frame. And as quickly as I looked extra carefully at the leg press, its shortcomings, in evaluation with squats, have been found out to me in full glory. I want to tell about three of them. Which of those leg sporting events is more secure? A regular character, of route, will say - bench press. And he will be absolutely wrong. Indeed, a number of the three most dangerous leg physical activities, further to lunges in motion and leg extension in the simulator, there are squats with a barbell. But I’ll without delay be aware - squats to the parallel. If we communicate approximately deep squats on the floor, then their capability fitness hazard is very low. In this regard, they are even more secure than leg presses inside the simulator. And it truly is why: Answer the question, what is easier to sit down with a barbell weighing 100 kg or to squeeze the equal weight inside the simulator?

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