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there are some human beings, especially girls, who suppose and agree with that the scale of a man's body equates to his popularity and cost as an alpha male. Going one step further, to say that the handsome ones (further to being tall and/or huge) possess a good deal greater fee and therefore... More alpha than the tall and huge alpha men? Obviously we can see just how ridiculous this sounds by means of reading that out loud and hearing the way it sounds. The physical length of a human male makes no distinction as to their cost as a person no extra than the form and length of a lady's body does her value as individual. Yet any other absurdity added approximately by the common simpletons of society. As there are so many flaws in this thinking I don't even need to listing and explain any of them. Being Dominant: here is a popular concept that is implemented by means of the commoner as a trait of an "alpha male." The idea behind it is that handiest an alpha male will seize and take manipulate of any and all situations. Assuming the pinnacle or maximum function in anything they do... Due to their bada$$ery... I bet. One major flaw is that someone man or woman will by no means be in complete manage of any given situation at all times nor will they constantly be located on the best function in any hierarchy (just due to the fact). The fact of the matter is. 

Frederick DPeterson
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