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Post Info TOPIC: Losing Weight - How Do You Begin? And How DO YOU KEEP GOING?

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Losing Weight - How Do You Begin? And How DO YOU KEEP GOING?

A great and simple way The Lean Body Hacks to determine your body fat percentage is through the use of calipers. This simple tool can be used to pinch skin folds on predetermined parts of your body to evaluate how much subcutaneous fat is on your body. You then plug in the numbers into a formula and it spits out your body fat percentage on the far side. Another simple way to measure your body fat percentage is to use a hydrostatic scale that shoots a current of electricity through your body and then tells you how much fat you have. Simple and effective!

We all want to lose weight. Almost all of us are saddled with some unnecessary fat, whether it's encroaching saddle bags or a little extra around the hips or we're actually weighed down by a hundred or two hundred extra pounds. Whatever the range you fall in, the most advisable course is to lose your weight gradually and through a sensible diet, changing your lifestyle by slow degrees so that your body can adapt gracefully and without stress. However, sometimes we need to crash diet. We need to lose as much weight as we can as quickly as we can. When is this the case? Under what circumstances should you engage in a truly radical diet, and is such a thing ever truly justified?

The first group of people who would roar that yes, it is justified, are body builders getting ready for competition. As you may or may not know, professional body builders often compete at 6% body fat, an almost inhumanly low percentage that requires extreme dieting at the very end of their training regimen to achieve. The crash nature of the diet will allow them to lose that last part of fat so quickly that it won't affect their muscle mass.

Another group of people who can benefit from a crash diet aside from professional bodybuilders are the professional athletes who must qualify for a weight division in order to compete. Think mixed martial artists, boxers, what have you. They need to be able to sneak in under the minimum requirements, and often a crash diet at the last moment can help them drop down into the right weight class and allow them to compete. In addition, there are the majority of us who aren't professional athletes or bodybuilders and instead want to lose an emergency ten pounds for a wedding, a high school reunion, whatever. There's a deadline, we want to lose weight by it, and nothing else will do but a last minute crash diet.

Finally a crash diet can be a good introductory method to dieting in general, where somebody wants to pump up their enthusiasm and really get motivated for the long haul by losing ten or twenty pounds of weight out the door. Doing so can allow them to feel like they already getting results, are already achieving their goals, and can keep them on track when a gradual approach would not have motivated them in the long run.

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