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Healthy Teenage Diet

In Platinum Soursop Review addition to soft drinks and fruit drinks, added sugars are found in baked goods, chocolate bars, breakfast cereals, salad dressings, frozen dinners, peanut butter, pastas, breads - and the list goes on and on.


In Chinese medicine digestion is essential for good immunity and health. It is important to remember that it is not just what we eat, but also what we digest that matters for vitality. For a moment imagine your belly as a cauldron with a flame providing heat from bellow to break the food down so all the essential nutrients present can be absorbed. The strength of this metabolic process is dependent on the intensity of the fire. If our digestive fire is weak we are not able get what we need from our food. Furthermore, incomplete digestion results in metabolic waste known as dampness or phlegm in Chinese Medicine.


Reduce or eliminate foods that are difficult to digest or are known allergies - particularly refined sugars and oils, dairy products, sweeteners and wheat products. Seeing as a bulk of the North American diet includes these items, it may take some work to find suitable alternatives. Good sweeteners include Stevia extract (found in most health food stores), rice syrup, barley malt extract and small amounts of maple syrup or natural raw cane juice sugar. Alternatives to wheat products include rye bread, rice cakes, oats, millet, corn or brown rice pasta. Alternatives to dairy products include organic soy, rice or almond milk, goat or sheep dairy and cheese.


In general emphasize fresh, organic, lightly cooked or steamed vegetables. Small amounts of lean animal based proteins as well as legumes should be cooked thoroughly in stews or soups. Also include modest amounts of whole grains like brown rice or Qinoa, millet and oats for fiber.

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