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Why you shouldn't take antibiotics with alcohol

There are many reasons for this contraindication, they are scientifically confirmed. Taking antibiotics with alcohol is impossible because:

  • The therapeutic effect may disappear or significantly weaken. Substances of the antimicrobial preparation come into reaction not with bacteria, but with ethanol. It turns out that taking a medication is ineffective. It is able to put an end to all the therapy and the doctor will have to appoint a longer course of treatment. In most cases, prescribing antibiotics that have an even more negative effect on the body than the previous ones.
  • An increase in the load on the liver is another reason why you can not drink alcohol with antibiotics. This body should cleanse the body from the products of the decay of the drug. If the liver will interact with ethanol, it just can not stand.
  • The organs of the gastrointestinal tract are damaged. As a result, active substances can escape from the body faster than expected.
  • There is a risk of a disulfide-like reaction. This is the strongest intoxication that can even lead to death.

What will happen if you drink alcohol with antibiotics

The effects can be anything but the properties of the drug are unequivocally broken, the side effects will be expressed more strongly. What can happen if you drink alcohol with antibiotics:

  • Effectiveness of treatment is reduced;
  • Chronic illness can be aggravated;
  • Severe migraine, frequent dizziness begins;
  • Death is possible;
  • Allergic reactions appear;
  • Arterial pressure sharply increases;
  • Liver and kidneys are subject to considerable stress.

A person who decides to take antibiotics and alcohol at the same time will be the strongest hangover. The drug will slow down the process of turning ethanol into acetic acid. Alcohol is poorly excreted from the body, the intoxication lasts longer.

Why can not alcohol with antibiotics?

The hangover syndrome in combination will be expressed by the following symptoms:

  • convulsions;
  • hot flushes;
  • suffocation
  • unexpected and sharp drop in blood pressure;
  • strongest vomiting.

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