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Join Me on My Way to a Flat Belly

We don't just want a flat belly now, we want a flat belly FOR LIFE!


Integrating little steps into our daily routine and life to achieve and maintain a flat belly. In every weight-loss regime, the worst fear is Flat Belly Detox Review for the weight that is loss to rebound back after all the effort and time put in. The good news is, these fears normally go unfounded. Years and years go by after people's diet and they're able to maintain their desired weight and waistlines.


Here, with me, I have a list of little things that creates a positive, healthy life plan. And it achieves what you want, to make your diet more effective. So be on your way to your flat belly!


1. Make a grocery list beforehand, and keep to it when you're shopping for groceries. Remember, go grocery shopping on a full stomach! When you're shopping on an empty stomach or when you're feeling hungry, there is a high chance of you being tempted by high-fat or high-calorie foods.


2. Never skip breakfast. When the body doesn't receive any energy supply in the morning, it slows down your metabolism rate to compensate for not receiving any new calories supply. Moreover, it is highly likely that you're experience low energy and food cravings later in the day.


3. Brain signals are a bit slow sometimes, especially from the stomach to the brain. In order for you to actually realise you are full, it takes twenty minutes. Thus eat slowly. Put down your fork and chewing slowly between bites, and take a drink of water to help you slow down. Properly chewing your food also breaks the food down further, aiding digestion.


4. Do not eat in front of the television, reading a book or anything else. When you're focusing on something else, you're more likely to overeat as you're distracted.


5. Keep a large bowl of broccoli or cauliflower florets ready for cooking or snacking anytime.


6. Try having dinner before 7pm, and avoid eating again till the next morning for breakfast. Drink water with lemon until bedtime. Many a times you might feel hungry, but in actual fact you're just thirsty.


7. It's hard to avoid eating out so remember to avoid croutons and order low-fat salad dressing, do drizzle sparingly. You could also ask for a double order of broccoli or asparagus. Dress with lemon juice to replace rice or a buttery potato.


8. Bring along with you little sandwich bags of chopped carrots, celeries and nuts! Or leave them in the fridge. Grab them for a quick snack whether you're home or out.

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