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Remedies for stress

Staying in stress are in life is quite harmful. The stress you save a natural effect and culture a kind of mental illness which dominates us very dangerously. If you are a victim of stress, then your body’s natural balance becomes much worse. You give up hope from Everything else you are not interested in eating food. However, if you want to live a stress-free life, there are some measures for this too and this is the right time when you take these measures in your life.


Stay Relax (Meditate)


If you are comfortable, you mean revolving around the body in a stupid sense and trying to remove strange sounds, then think again. Doing any work repeatedly can give us comfort. Moving, swimming, sewing, knitting, etc. are things that You can do repeatedly and they get relief from you. When you think of your job, your marriage and other things, then sit in the middle of the eyes and try to remove all the worries from the brain. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes daily and you will find that you are experiencing considerable comfort.


Breathe deep


In the case of anxiety, people take very short breathing and fast and breathe slowly by staying relaxing. So take a long breath slowly to relieve stress. Feel the air going out of your mouth while breathing and experience the loss of your stomach. Then, While breathing again, experience having the muscles of your nerves, veins and mind rest. Feel the increased size of your stomach and feel your spine straight.



Site seeing


Understand the things around you in this process. Go out and experience the colors of the flowers and the charm of the birds. Enjoy nature. Go to a mall and pick up different types of clothes, take a look at jewellery And contemplate the text objects related to everything as you keep focus on today’s things jewelry.




Place both of your hands on your neck and the surrounding areas. Now press your fingertips and palms well and apply fingers to the throat. Now place one hand on the other hand. Hold your muscles slowly with fingers. Slow your fingers down over the elbow And massage with light hands.


Listen to songs


According to a new research by British Diary Heart, the light and relaxing music reducing stress (stress) to a great extent, so do not forget to keep your musical bandle together while traveling. Music forgets all your worries and takes you to some other world TheReduce.


Prepare for tomorrow

Taking stress from trying to do something and not doing anything in it. Therefore, before getting involved in any work, know from him and make all preparations related to him. If you are full of dedicated and confident towards any work, the courage to complete It will also come in your own way and you will stay away from stress.


Do not stop yourself from eating wishes


Many women fetish their food to reduce their stress, from which they have often kept far away, and this condition is seen more in women than men. Most women refrain from many foods, even do not eat their favorite food because they worry about reducing their weight But in the stress, the desire for such food increases manifold.

Compared to those who do not diet, men and women who are dieting tend to eat more in the situation of stress, and at this time they want to adopt the same fast food, which stars are are away. So it is necessary for you To never press your wishes. Always keep some tasty but healthy things. If you want to eat salty then keep almonds or peanuts, use dairy products if you have a desire to take protein and eat dark chocolate if you want to eat some sweet.

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Stress has a very negative effect on our life in general. I monitor my general well-being and stress levels with the app. How do you deal with stress?



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When it comes to health, we are all very worried, especially now. For your immunity to be strong, you need to play sports and not be nervous. I run every morning and measure my stress level using the app as well as blood pressure and regular / irregular heartbeat. This app measures the interval between heartbeats and offers indicators for stress, energy and more.

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