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stress we should be more aware of our expressions and try to change them. Also like you already know exercise helps, especially relaxed workouts like yoga or meditation. 7. Don't use to many different skin care products! Did you know that when we use too many different skin care products, it irritates our skin instead of taking care of it and it contributes on making our skin grow older faster. So to avoid this skin aging problem, it is best if you try 1 or 2 products for a while until you found the product that works for your skin and use only that product for the best results. Using many products on your skin, especially more than 1 anti-aging products, tends to irritate the skin. This often makes signs of aging more noticeable. For best results, test 1 or 2 products  X OUT Acneand give them time to work. 8. Use natural skin care products! You have to be careful when choosing an anti aging cream or any other product for your skin for that matter. There are many products that uses ingredients like fragrances, alcohols and parabens which irritates your skin and does not help to stop aging skin problems. I recommend natural skin care products, so products that do not use harmful chemicals and rather go for a healthy skin than with harmful ingredients for a beautiful skin because the secret for a beautiful skin lies in improving skin health! I have used all kind of products but never really to my satisfaction until, when I was traveling through Australia, someone I met recommended me products of Dermalogica. She gave me a sample



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