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UV absorber

In addition, the addition of a certain amount of UV absorber in the emulsion can reduce the damage to the coating by ultraviolet rays. Pigment and weather-resistant paint coating mainly by willow fencing panels distributor the base material polymer and Yan (fill) material composition. Therefore, the type and ratio of the two main components determine the structure and physical properties of the coating.

In the paint formulation, if the pigment volume concentration (PVC) is lower than the critical PVC, the pigment particles are dispersed in the continuous rigid composite boards for decks phase of the base polymer to form a "sea-island" structure; but if the PVC exceeds the critical PVC, the base polymer The gap between the pigment particles can not be completely filled, the pigment particles loose accumulation, during which the gap, the coating scrub resistance, pollution resistance, weathering sharp decline.

Similar types of latex, PVC lower, the higher the gloss, weatherability, the worse pre assembled wood fence panels the color retention. Therefore, in the preparation of high-performance exterior paint should be strictly controlled PVC as small as critical PVC, to ensure the integrity of the coating. The main role of the pigment is to make the coating has a certain hiding power and show different colors, so the coating to have excellent weather resistance, the pigment needs to have a good hiding power and color strength, high dispersion, The color and the stability of the light and so on.

Weathering excellent white pigment not only its own color is consistent, but also absorb a lot of ultraviolet light, reduce the UV on the base material or other color pigment damage, that is, to improve the weather resistance of the coating. White paint in the most widely used, the best Porch Floor Plastic Wood Venezuela effect is rutile titanium dioxide. Color pigments in the inorganic and organic pigments are used, but the film from the weathering performance considerations, the general use of inorganic pigments more suitable.

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