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can be comparable to the car

a large number of solid wood furniture, not only beautiful, but also has a good value-added effect. Today to introduce house mahogany furniture four maintenance tips, help you to do the maintenance work of mahogany furniture. Maintenance method: conform to the people's health exquisite wood furniture and maintenance conform to human nature, but also adapt to wood, furniture is "bad":

every family are northern winter heating, people from heating nearly some very comfortable, but the furniture from heating far, so as to avoid too high temperature caused by excessive wood shrinkage, cracking. Summer is coming, it often rains, furniture should be placed in front of the window, so as not to be wet in rainy weather, rising bad surface, damage tenon and mortise. A lot of furniture is afraid of

the wind, especially with the furniture such as tables, cabinets and other furniture category, by the influence of dry shrinkage and wet expansion ", in the air blowing for easy cracking and warping. Furniture is not more than a bed, you can toss. So move furniture can not be strenuous, must be handled with care, can not be too frequently, otherwise easy to fall apart. Don't put the old furniture in one place, is the so-

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