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IKEA is considering integrating intelligence into furniture

Wardrobe and other enterprises in order to establish their own brand influence, each year had to spend a lot of money on advertising spending, ranging from tens of millions,sturdy chair with folding desk at every turn a few billion, or even more, may be more than a year net profit, then this investment In the end how much can "cash" it? A home improvement business has been observed through a specific two-dimensional code, in the past high-speed rail station advertising "basically no cash." However, as a low purchase rate,clothes rack for drying clothes but also rely mainly on distribution channels such as wardrobes and other home, building materials products to expand market share, enhance the dealer information is to have to do! Here heartache and suffering, home business owners are deeply experienced.

Another figure may let the wardrobe and other businesses to think about: 2016 CCTV advertising home brand up to more than 370, and how many people remember? Today's Internet age, the beginning of the new retail, so that customers Wardrobe bosses in the "big and the whole" and "precision" between, or to find a better balance! At the same time, for the "precision" marketing, manufacturers may still have more communication with the dealer,covered picnic table to help They "realize" at the same time, to enhance their brand depth and breadth. Although all kinds of data show that nearly two years to the industry, wardrobe and other home building materials industry, advertising has shown the hegemony of tyrants overbearing station development trend. But this is not the industry recognized the best way to promote the brand, in the "big and" and "precision" to find a balance between the wardrobe and other home brands have been pursuing the brand promotion.

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