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Post Info TOPIC: Chrome extension? Have you been waiting too?!? Wait no more!
Does this Chrome extension simplify usage for you? [3 vote(s)]

Yes, I am much more likely to shorten more links using now with a one-click browser solution.
Some, but I usually use other means to shorten most links
No, because I do not use Chrome


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Chrome extension? Have you been waiting too?!? Wait no more!

So, after joining and being very enthusiastic to begin monetizing my shortened links, I was shocked to search and find not a single Chrome browser extension to allow me to do what I already do with other non-monetized shortener services, like bitly - whatever active page is on my current tab, simply click a single browser button and get a shortened link to that page.

So, I wrote one.

My extension requires a single piece of info - your personal API token provided by in your account.  If one is not already entered, you are provided a clickable link to your account at to copy then paste it into the extension options screen.  I hate having to repeat things, so I even wrote the extension to then store (if you have the option enabled) into your Google sync'd secure storage.  This way, when you go to another machine using that same google account, not only will the extension automatically be installed, but your API Token will also follow you, saving some time to have to enter it per machine.

Once set up, a single browser button is added to the Chrome toolbar.  Usage is simple - click the button and whatever the active tab is, the popup window will provide your personal shortened link using your own account.  To save another step, the extension at the same time automatically copies that link to the clipboard, meaning after that single button click, you can simply dismiss the popup and CTRL-V paste your link wherever you desire.

This took me quite a bit of personal time to write and debug this and since I do not work for, do not get paid a penny for this extension and offer it free, I am hoping to get at least perhaps a few referrals for all the time I put into it.  I included my referral link into the extension description page and made it 100% optional for anyone to use it - so if you like the extension and want to support it, please consider either keeping me in mind when referring anyone new to the extension who is also joining, or of course I would never turn down a Paypal donation but again that is 100% optional.

I hope this helps all the other users.  If you use Chrome, I cannot believe this will not be a godsend as it has already been one for me.

Again, I am very excited but to date even after all of this work have only earned about .15 in, so I really hope I can increase that a bit soon. :)

You can reach me via Twitter all my info is in the extension page which can be found at (drum-roll, please - and yes, please use my shortened link if referring others):



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Wow man thats cool ! I will definitely check it out and install it to my chrome browser. this could be very handy tool for fast shortening.
Thank you for your hard-work and i hope you increase your traffic and earn more :D .


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